I can clearly remember the vacant block of land old next door to the Tropicana Hotel which went on to become the Blue Nile Executive Hotel. Back then there was always speculation as to when somebody would build on it and what they would build but for ten years or more nothing seemed to happen. Many of us who worked in the area used this block as a parking lot but then in 2011 this was no longer available and they started constructing a building on there.

I had heard in the past that the land was for sale but the asking price was ridiculous however I guess the owners of the Galaxy Hotel that now occupies here thought the price was reasonable enough and did the deal.



Address: 996 Fields Ave.,
Balibago, Angeles City 2009
Tel: (63) 45 892 6449
Fax: (63) 45 892 1123

Website: Galaxy Hotel

Facilities & Services

Rooms & Rates:

Standard Room2,340p
De Luxe King3,300p
Superior King3,420p
Galaxy Suite3,470p

Price Updated On: 29/09/14

Pool Area

Galaxy Suite

Standard Room

In 2011 I would come to work in Golden Nile and watch in amazement the rapid construction of what was to become the Galaxy Hotel. This hollow block establishment literally seemed to appear overnight. I think in reality it took close to ten months to build this hotel but at the time it literally seemed to spring up overnight.

I must admit to in some ways being impressed with this hotel and in other ways being unimpressed. On the positive side it seems reasonably priced with the rooms ranging from 2,340 piso through to 3,470 piso per night. The location in my opinion is ideal, it has a nice swimming pool, a convenient open air restaurant which provides a very handy area to sit and relax in while watching the tapestry of Fields Avenue unveil before your eyes, and best of all at the time of writing this report it is still a new hotel and is spotlessly clean.

Wherever possible I try to give a balanced perspective and as such I feel compelled to mention the negatives as well as the positives. On the negative side this hotel seems to be owned and run by Koreans who have very little concept of English. When Phoenix and myself approached the hotel to ask them if we could photograph some of the rooms for the purposes of making an AE review we were handed over to Mr Park the Korean General Manager who seemed to speak very little English and understand even less.

Phoenix and myself patiently tried to explain that we wanted to take photographs of the rooms so we could show them to the AE members but this seemed beyond his comprehension and he fobbed us off with something along the lines of 'leave your card and I will get back to you'. That was five days ago and not surprisingly we haven't heard a word. I tried to explain that what we were offering essentially amounted to free advertising and he then replied he cannot show us a room unless he asks his bosses first. All I can say is when booking I hope they let the Filipinos handle that and not the Korean.

The front of the hotel is composed of an open air restaurant the design of which is very reminiscent of Paradise Beer Garden and Kokomo's and in my opinion this makes a very convenient area to hang out and watch the street events. There is an elevated counter top and high stools and on any given day you will find people hotel guests and local expats sitting here enjoying the environment.

I have not had a chance to eat here yet but the one report I did receive was negative with the person complaining that it took up to 10 minutes before being served and then the waitress didn't understand the order so he had to repeat it 3 times then the food took 45 minutes before coming and then when it did come it was to be kind unimpressive. Anyway that is just one report and the verdict remains neutral until I have tried the food there myself.

I have had the pleasure of trying their shakes on a very hot day and I must admit those are pretty good and really appreciated when the sun is beating down.

A hotel is only as good as it's rooms but unfortunately we were unable to view any so there's not much I can say about them either positive or negative. I asked if they had a brochure showing the rooms and detailing the price but was given a minute piece of paper instead. To check out the rooms I guess the best bet is to do it through their website

I have often noted that many hotels go to the trouble of building an attractive swimming pool and most of the guests never use it. I however am a great believer of swimming pools and really enjoy them especially when staying in a hotel in Angeles. The pool at the Galaxy is right in the center and surrounded on either side by two levels of rooms. The pool is a decent size and from what I can gather open to the public. There are also tables with umbrellas around the sides as well as some comfortable sundeck chairs.

In front of the pool they have a lounge area composed of a series of nice comfortable lounges and tables and chairs for dining at. This is a tastefully designed area and I can easily see guests wiling away a few comfortable hours here while enjoying some food and maybe a swim.

Overall I came away with a positive feeling about this hotel with the positive aspects outweighing the negative especially because it has a decent swimming pool and the location is just so convenient. Hopefully at some time in the near future we will hear back from the Korean GM and will be granted access to photograph some rooms.

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