The Clarkton hotel really is the iconic Angeles Hotel offering everything a customer may need at competitive prices. Over the last twenty years the Clarkton has developed and expanded adding a new wing in 2007 to bring the number of rooms up to 104. The distinctive feature of the Clarkton is its organization and diversity of services that they offer guests. From the efficient front desk and the travel agency through to the excellent food, the Fields Avenue shuttle service, gym and fitness center and a beauty center. Clarkton is the classic Angeles hotel and it retains an enviable reputation amongst both long term visitors and new comers, as such a large percentage of their business is return customers.



Address: 620 Don Juico Ave., Clarkview, Balibago, Angeles City
Phone #: +63 45 892 6272

Facilities & Services

Rooms & Rates:

Deluxe 11,950p
Deluxe 22,300p
Suite 12,800p
Suite 23,250p
Studio 13,250p
Studio 23,900p

Price Updated On: 29/09/14

Dinning Area


Dinner Buffet

The Clarkton Hotel is German owned and managed and as such epitomizes the trademark German efficiency. Everything from the regularly serviced generator through to the rooms and the swimming pool are managed efficiently and functionally. At the front entrance there is a trike stand and a decent sized parking lot on both sides of the street. The glass front doors are manned 24/7 by a security guard. The doors open up into the main reception area with the front desk on the right hand side. The front desk is manned 24/7 by friendly, efficient staff. As you come to the end of the main entrance you have a choice, either go through the transparent doors which give access to the beauty parlor and the two levels of the original rooms or turn to the left which takes you past the business center and the Travel agency.

Once past the business center and the travel agency the passageway opens up to a dinning area which is composed of three separate tables each seating four people on the right hand side and this area named coffee culture serving as a type of café area where hotel guests and off the street visitors will often congregate to enjoy a relaxed informal setting. This is a great place to enjoy a drink or a meal from the ever efficient Clarkton kitchen while having a chat with friends or catching up with the world through reading one of the many international newspapers they have. On the left there is a large wet bar area where hotel guests and visitors can often be found enjoying a quiet drink while watching the television or enjoying a conversation with their friends. This area also serves food from the Clarkton restaurant and is perfect for those who like to dine in more relaxed surroundings.

One very distinctive area of the Clarkton is its restaurant. This area seats up to 50 people and is famous throughout Angeles for its fine food at very reasonable prices. The general atmosphere of the restaurant is formal yet in truth it is far from formal dining but rather a more relaxed sort of dinning with an emphasis on good quality food at reasonable prices. This restaurant is perfect for those seeking a reasonably priced yet good quality alternative to your everyday Angeles restaurant and it is very common to see foreigners here enjoying a quiet romantic interlude with their Filipina partners. The major attraction of this restaurant are the buffets. They have a breakfast buffet, a dinner buffet and a Sunday roast buffet. The breakfast buffet is 390 peso the dinner buffet is 490 peso and the Sunday roast is 550 peso. The buffets at the Clarkton are famous amongst visitors and represent some of the best value meals available in AC. Most of the time you will find locals mingling with hotel guests all enjoying the superb buffet.

Many have stated a hotel is only as good as it's rooms and when it comes to rooms the Clarkton has something for every taste and every budget. All rooms have at least a queen sized bed, split type aircon, mini bar, room safe, free W-LAN Internet connection, telephone with national and international access and cable TV with 50 international channels. The suites are more expensive and obviously have a more room and some more added benefits. For example in the suites they have a DVD player a king size bed (77"x83")plus a single bed (39"x79"). In the studios rooms they have a balcony overlooking the pool a king size bed (72"x80") and the room itself is large being composed of 42 square meters. All the rooms in the new building are extremely functional and nicely decorated.

The Clarkton also offers various discounts on their rooms for example for a minimum of one weeks stay they offer a 5% discount, for a minimum of one month stay they offer a 10% discount and a further 5% discount if the stay is for a minimum of one week and is cash paid in advance. Please note the Clarkton Hotel at this stage does NOT give the Asian Escapades 10% discount.

A major attraction of this hotel is the swimming pool and the surrounding garden area in fact when looking at the hotel it becomes obvious the rooms are all built around the swimming pool. The pool is about 25 meters long and 10 meters wide with the deep end being 12 foot deep and the shallow end 3 foot. Around the pool there are a series of umbrella covered tables and banana chairs making it the perfect area to sit and relax whilst enjoying a quick bite to eat or some drinks. The Clarkton used to be my favorite area when hanging out by a swimming pool and I would always bring guests with me who along with myself used to always buy food and purchase drinks as a way of saying thank you for being given use of the pool even if they were not guests at the Clarkton. This has all changed with the new ownership and they now have a sign at the front door saying non hotel guests are not allowed to use the pool.

Behind the restaurant bordering the far end of the pool is a delightful tropical garden with banana chairs and umbrella covered tables. This used to be my favorite area to relax and idyll away a few extra hours but with the no swimming rules for non guests this has also gone by the wayside.If you are a patron of the Clarkton and are in the mood for a more relaxed time or even a romantic interlude with your partner then I strongly recommend this area. The garden area runs onto the new wing which incorporates - - rooms, a gym and fitness center and Discovery Karaoke and pool room. This new wing was completed in 2007 and the rooms are functional and competitively priced.The rooms include everything you may need to make your stay as comfortable as possible and the studio rooms overlooking the pool all include a balcony overlooking the swimming pool and garden.I have never stayed in these rooms but on many occasions I have seen people who do stay here just sitting on their balcony soaking in the tropical ambience that permeates from the swimming pool and tropical garden setting surrounding the pool and the new building.

Another famous part of the Clarkton is mirrors nightclub. Over the years this club has gone through various changes ranging from a full on girlie bar through to a glorified karaoke bar and now a show bar which features a number of dancers doing special cultural performances. They also serve food and drink in Mirrors. Mirrors to my tastes has always had some good girls and imho is certainly worth a visit whether or not you are staying in the hotel or not.

The Clarkton when it comes to AC hotels is a long term survivor and part of the reason why is because of their efficient organizational abilities and generally professional attitude of the staff and management. The Clarkton is placed comparatively far from Fields Avenue but they have now instigated the free Clarkton shuttle service every thirty minutes starting 6pm through to 3am. They also have a free shuttle service from Fields Avenue to the Clarkton starting 6:30am through to 3:30am. The location of the Hotel being a fair distance from Fields Avenue was for me always ones of it’s attractions in that it helps create more of a resort type atmosphere far. removed from the daily hassles of Fields Avenue. Previously the location worked against the hotel because patrons were forced to use the trikes and put up with the cramped conditions and exorbitant prices but this has now been curtailed to some extent thanks to the shuttle service.

The Clarkton is a good hotel with something for everyone. There is a friendly yet efficient ambience that pervades throughout the entire hotel and I can recommend staying there even if they don’t give the AE discount.



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