Bourbon Street
The Bourbon Street Apartments to my mind are quite simply a very clever, imaginative, yet extremely practical concept. There are of course several such arrangements in today’s Angeles, but Bourbon Street Apartments, right next door to the Wild Orchid Resort, were the first and to this day are still some of the best apartments Angeles has to offer.

These apartments combine several key advantages that make them perfect for short or long term accommodation, or as a sound investment. Apartments combine the advantages of a hotel room with the advantages of a personal apartment making them a very attractive proposition for visitors to Angeles as well as Angeles’ permanent residents.



A. Santos Street cnr Vian St, Angeles City, Philippines
Tel: +63(0)45 625 6172, +63 (0) 45 6173, or +63(0)45 6256534
Office Hours: 8:30am to 7:00pm Monday through Saturday and Sundays 9:00am to 2:00pm

Facilities & Services

Rooms & Rates:

Currently every single apartment is owned outright and the rents will vary according to the individual owners. These rental prices were sent to me by the staff of Bourbon Street Apartments and are meant as a guideline only. For more definite prices please contact the Bourbon Street office on the numbers mentioned above.
1 Bedroom4,750p4,250p3,750p
Deluxe Studio4,000p3,500p3,000p

Price Updated On: 01/10/14




When I first heard about the Bourbon Street apartments I didn’t really get it and I certainly would have never predicted the outstanding popularity. At the time they were presented as apartments one could buy on a twenty-five year lease and I thought to myself why would anyone want to fork out that amount when you can only have a twenty-five year lease. I guess I never fully got the concept of buying one as an investment, as much as, buying one for a convenient place to live. I was dubious about the entire concept and I was completely wrong, as time, and the very obvious popularity of Bourbon Street Apartments, have proven.

The Bourbon Street Apartments offer several distinct advantages. Firstly, and perhaps for the visitors to Angeles most importantly, they are in a super convenient location. Located on A Santos Street the Bourbon Street Apartments are within easy strolling distance of all major Fields Avenue bars and other service establishments. Fields Avenue is more than just bars and nightlife, it is also a metropolitan hub which most life in Angeles revolves around, and it’s all a few minutes walk from your front door when occupying a Bourbon Street apartment.

And here’s the real decider for me. Even though they are so close to the central hub of Angeles nightlife these apartments also offer seclusion, quietness and privacy. When locked up securely in your apartment you are in a private secluded world far away from the intrusive Fields Avenue. These apartments are quiet and sealed off from the hustle and bustle that is a trademark of life on Fields.

A second advantage is that these apartments offer occupants all the numerous advantages of the Wild Orchid Resort. For example, Bourbon Street residents get to use the swimming pools for free, they get a discount on food and beverages and the Wild Orchid provides 24-hour room service to all apartments, all of which can be billed to your condo and paid for on check-out. There is even a walkway connecting the two establishments without having to walk out on A Santos Street.

Personally speaking I have a real aversion to house keeping so for me the fact that these apartments are serviced by the Wild Orchid house keeping team, is definitely an added bonus. Though there is no daily servicing such as in a standard hotel, the housekeeping staff are available 8-AM through to 6-PM seven days a week on an as required basis at a small additional charge (P300) should you required your room fully cleaned at some stage during your stay.

While on the subject of food and beverages the Bourbon Street apartments also offer the advantage of having a kitchen or kitchenette in each apartment.

This means that occupants can prepare their own food and do their own cooking should they so wish. For me this means the Bourbon Street apartments offer the advantages of hotel life as well as home life, all in one comprehensive package which would certainly appeal to the longer term visitor or resident.

When started by the Wild Orchid group these apartments proved extremely popular and a large majority of them were sold within the first six months of operation, which meant that owners were then obliged to appoint them to their personal standards. As a result all the apartments are individually and tastefully appointed which gives them a distinct advantage over a normal hotel room.

These apartments incorporate all the mod cons of modern day living. For example, all apartments include Cable Television with access to 40 international channels, 24 hour security facilities, closed circuit security cameras, elevator, back up power generator, disabled access, WiFi, refrigerators, centralized deep well and water storage, effective fire alarm system, quiet and efficient air-conditioning units and tasteful yet functional furnishings and appliances. Being so closely connected with Wild Orchid Hotel occupants benefit from the numerous advantages the hotel has to offer. These include 24 hour room service, access to discounted food and beverages from the Wild Orchid restaurant, travel agency, transportation service, and use of the best swimming pools in Angeles. The connection to the Wild Orchid hotel and all the facilities it offers is something which I believe makes these apartments truly unique as it offers renters a complete rental with numerous extra advantages that only a hotel like the Wild Orchid can offer, all at a significantly lower price than a standard room in higher end Angeles Hotels.

Another advantage is that the Bourbon Street apartments offer a number of different rental options ranging from a short overnight stay through to weekly and monthly stays. What’s more the management team located on the first floor in the heart of the condos and are always available to consult and offer various rental discounts.

The Bourbon Street apartments are comparable to a 4 or 5 star room of any luxury resort in the Philippines and yet they are significantly less when it comes to price. There are 6 different types of rooms and these include Studio apartments, Deluxe Studio apartments, one and two bedroom apartments.

The last advantage and certainly not one to be easily dismissed is the fact that these apartments make a darn good investment. In fact I have chatted with several of the apartment owners and without exception they all say their apartment was a very sound and profitable investment. The apartments are an extremely popular choice when it comes to accommodation in Angeles with good occupancy rates, which translates to regular income for apartment owners.

There are many different options available when it comes to the apartments. They have an economy room, studio apartments, deluxe studio apartments, suites, one bedroom apartments and, of course, the spacious and luxurious Penthouse apartments.

The Bourbon Street apartments are in my opinion a great accommodation option for no matter how long you are staying in Angeles. They are also, according to sources, an extremely good investment.



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